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chex mix

For years, Chex Mix has been the "boy band" of snack food, being an unstoppable combo. But what would happen if one of our favorite pieces decided to say "Bye Bye Bye" and go solo?

{ tiktok }

To jumpstart the campaign, WitttyNews,
a fake tabloid source, will pop up on users' For You page to inform fans on Wheat Chex's decision to leave the group.


instagram story }

After leaving the group, Wheat Chex will release his debut single, which will be promoted through Instagram sponsored ads.

{ swipe feature }

Swiping up will allow users to listen to the full song on multiple music streaming services.


{ billboard }

Are you really a breakout star if you're not plastered on a big billboard?


{ product }

Wheat Chex's solo career just doesn't stop at songs and signage. For a limited time, bags of wheat chex and wheat chex only will be sold in stores and vending machines.


On the back of bags, a Spotify code will be located for users to scan and be taken to the song directly.

twitter }

To keep fans (or wheat-heads) up to date on all his thoughts, Wheat Chex creates a Twitter. Overtime, Wheat Chex will post cryptic tweets hinting at his longing to reunite with his Mix.


conclusion }

Shortly after Wheat Chex realizes he misses his boys, he decides to return to the group. The news is delivered by none other than WitttyNews.

{ microsite }

As any freshly reunited singing group would do, Chex Mix is throwing a reunion concert featuring the recently reunited 'Jonas'.

{ credits }

Art Direction: TaHir Robinson & Qiana Butler

Copywriting: TaHir Robinson & Qiana Butler

*Disclaimer: Student work

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